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    Unisa assignments


    I was wondering if anyone has ever submitted their unisa assignments after the due date. Because I submitted my assignment the day after the due date(a fault on my part due to me getting the dates mixed up with other assignments dates). I submitted it online via MyUnisa, and it said "warning return code:110, the assignment has been ACCEPTED, but it is late, see your tutorial letter for closing date."

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    Drop your prof a email explaining it to him. I did it once or twice asking for an extension and it was granted. Of course, I did it before submitting

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    He did? But it says this in the tutorial letter:

    "Answers to assignments are automatically despatched to each student after the due date, and accordingly no extension for the submission of assignments can be granted. No correspondence, or discussion per telephone, will be conducted in connection with the submission of assignments after the due dates. It is thus obvious that assignments which are received after the due dates will be returned unmarked."

    How long ago was it when you did this?


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    Two years ago. Kind of bad if they no longer allow you to contact your prof though.

    Guess you will just have to hope your submission was received before they dispatched any answers and the marker is in a good mood

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    They allow us to contact our prof. So I should email my prof directly? This is the assignment for Economics 1B, that im talking about btw. And also where do i get the prof's email address, cause i can only find the lecturers and admins email addresses


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    Sheesh, nothing has changed in all these years....

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    LOL. So does anyone know where to get the email addresses for the prof, cause i can only find the admins and lectures addresses. Anyone know of anything could help?


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    A friend of mine, when he needed extra time to complete his assignments, submitted a corrupt zip file (simply take out a character and save it, close it, then open and put it back). He would get an email saying his submission was corrupted and he has two weeks extra.

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    We submitting the assignments via the whole multiple choice effort on the MyUnisa website, so its not really possible to even send them a zip file.
    Btw i checked out the email addresses, should i contact the module head or wat?

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    You get 2 day extension automatically... So if its due on the 17th you still have time till the 19th...

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    Are u sure of this Slyfly? Because if thats true then its a major relief. How did you come about this information

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    Yes, its all over the tutorial letters...

    Thats why they dont give extensions anymore because you get a 2 day grace period... Which actually just mean the hand in-date is 2 days later, but I always make sure to hand it in on the REAL hand in day... Dont feel like sitting with a mix up like you

    But Im 100% sure u get 2 days...

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    I had problems submitting last year, and missed 2 of my assignment deadlines.

    I e-mailed everyone I could and got a 2 week extension.

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    Was it for Ecos? Yip you missed both assignments!

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    Hi i submitted my assignment a day later and once submitted the confirmed page said : return code 110. Your assignment has been received in good order.... does that mean I'm still ok?

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    My "Discussion Forum" tab is missing on myUNISA. Does any one else has the same problem?

    Do you perhaps know someone specific I can contact regarding this?


    PS: How's it going with Assignment 2?


    nobody uses the forum on myunisa and the lecturers prefers as using this one on osprey as you will see on the anouncement tab


    My name is Reratile i am 19yrs old a 1st year student at unisa.polokwane campus


    My name is Ayanda Nqaba I'm 22 and I'm a first year student in Vereeninging campus


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