Option 191 Vlan Assignments

I recently needed to configure S3500's to work with Nortel-Avaya VoIP phones. Going through the different discussions here I found that information on configuring this wasn't here. Though I know most won't need this information, if I ran into it there has to be others out there who will end up running into the same issue.

Some of the older Nortel-Avaya phones do not support the currently documented VoIP phone configuration detailed in the MAS configuration files. I wanted to post how I was able to get these phones working.


One thing that needs to be done that most with these phones will know is that DHCP options 128 and 191 need to be configured on the Data VLAN and VoIP VLAN that are being used. 


We are currently implementing the Aruba switches in place of Brocade switches so there had to be a way to replicate what Brocade calls "Dual-Mode". 

Here is the switching profile detailing how to do this directly from my configuration:

switching profile "DATA-Profile"
Parameter Value
--------- -----
Switchport mode trunk
Access mode VLAN 1
Trunk mode native VLAN 100
Enable broadcast traffic rate limiting Enabled
Enable multicast traffic rate limiting Disabled
Enable unknown unicast traffic rate limiting Enabled
Max allowed rate limit traffic on port in percentage 50
Trunk mode allowed VLANs 100,200


So in my configuration I have the data VLAN "100" being passed through as the native VLAN so that it passes as untagged traffic so that another type of network device could still plug in and use the port. The VoIP VLAN "200" is also included in the trunk and this is what the VoIP phone will use to communicate. The VoIP phone knows to use this VLAN because of the DHCP options previously mentioned.


Again I know that most on here will be able to use the VoIP VLAN in the MAS switch but I wanted to make sure that others weren't searching for methods to get their Nortel-Avaya phones working on these switches as I was.


Example DHCP option configurations

A connection-specific DNS domain suffix is assigned to DHCP clients using DHCP option 15. The steps below show how to assign DHCP option 15 in Dashboard.

  1. Navigate to Security appliance > Configure > DHCP (or, on the MS switch, Switch > Configure > Layer 3 > [the interface being edited] > DHCP settings)
  2. Find the setting DHCP options.
  3. Click Add a DHCP option.
  4. Choose Custom from the Option drop down.
  5. For Code enter 15, choose Text for Type, and for Value enter the DNS domain suffix.
  6. Click Save changes.

In this example, meraki.com will be assigned using DHCP Option 15.


An ipconfig /all from a Windows client shows the suffixes have been assigned:


In our second example, DHCP option 130 will direct Mitel Phones to be looking back to the in-house Mitel Server to obtain DHCP information.


  1. Navigate to Security appliance > Configure > DHCP (or, on the MS switch, Switch > Configure > Layer 3 > [the interface being edited] > DHCP settings)
  2. Under DHCP options, click Add a DHCP option.
  3. Select Custom under the Option column.
  4. Under Code enter 130.
  5. Under Type enter Text.
  6. Under Value enter MITEL IP PHONE.

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