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Sequence of Mathematics Courses

6th grade supplies

NPA syllabus


Please make sure that all students come prepared to class with the required materials (pencils, red pen, notebook and folder).  Remember, you have plenty of time during the passing periods to get all of your things so there is no excuse for not being prepared.  Also, if you are absent it is up to you to find the assignment online and finish it in the given deadline.

Please check the google calendar below for the homework assignments

The online book is located at

The username for the online text book is your child’s name:  First.Last.NPA

The password is:  math@npa

You must disable pop ups for the book to work!


Mr. Peppers

For extra help on homework, or help going over the lesson again you can click on the “student resources” button located directly above the “open book” button.  You can find online tutoring for the homework, daily note taking guides and extra lesson materials there.

Welcome to World Literature (also known as 10th grade English)!

*Please note there is not a summer assignment for Honors World Literature for the 2017-18 school year.

Required Materials for all 2017-18 World Literature classes (honors and regular):

• Three-ring binder to be used only for this class

• 5 dividers for binder

• 2 three-hole-punched notebooks (spiral or glued) to be stored in binder and used only for this class

• Loose-leaf lined paper (wide or college rule)

• A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Solider by Ishmael Beah (needed by March 5)

Useful resources:

Planbook (daily agenda, homework and all attachments) 

Sign up for Remind for World Literature:  (students click here)(parents click here)

Sign up for Remind for Honors World Literature: (students click here) (parents click here)

Video Tutorial: How to create MLA format using Google Docs

Purdue OWL: Guidelines for citing sources in MLA style

Diigo: Useful online resource for organizing research

MLA template in Microsoft Word (replace ALL CAPS TEXT with your own information)

Absent? Flow Chart

Revision Worksheet and Contract

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