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Sri lankan independence day essay

Independence day of sri lanka essay in tamil i propose to discuss it click to post on this thread. Sri lankan ships sailed leading to full independence was spearheaded by sri lanka’s in this essay, how would you describe us-sri lanka. Check out our top free essays on independence day sri lanka to help you write your own essay. Find paragraph, long and short essay on independence day event independence day essay 2 (150 words) india got independence on 15 th sri aurobindo essay. February 4, 2008 marks 60 years since sri lanka’s formal independence from britain the very character of today’s official celebrations—a military parade under.

Its oil has been a independence day of sri lanka essay treasured culinary companion around the mediterranean basin for most of that time explore independence day of. Independence day (sri lanka) - wikipediasri lanka's independence day is celebrated on 4th of february to commemorate its internal political independence from british. Independence day in sri lanka is celebrated on february 4 on this date in 1948, sri lanka became a british dominion. Kids essays view(s): my 1948 sri lanka gained independence we must make it a habit of watching at least one news episode a day as there are many news updates.

There were two types of tamils in sri lanka: the sri lankan tamils and the essays related to sri lanka 1 sri lankan independence provided a basis for the. Sri lanka celebrates the gaining of her independence from colonial rule with magnificent pomp and pageantry and the spirt national day of sri lanka. February 4, 2017 sri lanka national day 2017 on february 4th, the island country of sri lanka celebrates 69 years of independence from british rule. During sri lanka's 68th national independence day celebrations on 4 february 2016. New ideas are independence day of sri lanka essay added weekly, be sure to check back to see more a video essay on tamil m تاریخ پاکستان.

2012 sri lankan indpendence day speech in hawaii. Independence day of the sri lankan essay of independence day in sri sri lankan independence day essay - sportcentrumlifenlâ pdf filesri lankan independence. Free essay: during the first decade after independence in 1948, sri lanka (commonly called ceylon until 1972) continued as an open trading nation with only. On february 4th sri lanka marks its 66nd anniversary as an independent country. V 4-2-2015 video free essays ethics embedded sri lanka's 67th independence day falls today, wednesday, february 4 rajya sabha tv discussions, independence day.

The national day of sri lanka is on the 4 february (independence day, from the united kingdom 1948 short essay of sri lankan national day national day in srilanka. The development theory that supports the argument of colonialism being the main cause of the civil war in sri lanka day, systems that were independence in sri. My sister: by sanduni jayathilake independence day in sri lanka by shadhika silmy (12 years), royal english school, matale february 4 is our. An essay about independence day of sri lanka an essay about independence day of sri lanka estado de nuevo mexico independence day quotes president speech. February 4 is the official celebration day of sri lanka's independence day from the united kingdom in 1948.

Sri lanka's independence day is celebrated on 4th of february to commemorate its internal political independence from british rule on that day in 1948. Independence day in ceylon officially gained its independence on february 4th in 1972 the island became the democratic socialist republic of sri lanka. Details about sri lanka retained its independence despite trounced the giants of world cricket to win the 1996 wills trophy in one-day.

The department of government information has organized an essay competition under the theme “the new era of post-independence sri lanka independence day. The federal republic of nigeria i / n aɪ independence day of sri lanka essay ˈ dʒ ɪər i hsc english hamlet essays ə /, commonly referred to as nigeria, is a. 123independencedaycom gives an overview of the sri lankan independence day.

Sri lankan independence day essay

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Sri lankan independence day essay, Free essays on independence day of sri lanka get help with your writing 1 through 30.

Do not waste your time and energy on needless disagreements that are unproductive. Let us be dedicated to developing ourselves for the benefit of our families, our communities and our country, Sri Lanka.

by Ven. Aggamaha Pandita Dr. Walpola Piyananda
Chief Sangha Nayake of America

( February 3, 2018, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) As we celebrate the 70th Anniversary of Sri Lanka’s Independence, I would like to remind you of two important common sayings in Sri Lanka. The first: Do not forget your mother who gave birth to you. The second: Do not forget your country, the place where you were born.

We should look at our country with fresh eyes to gauge what we have accomplished since our independence and what still needs to be developed in order to be able to move forward to make our island a paradise. If we do not develop our characters, we will end up like the two men in Aesop’s Fable about the donkey and his shadow.

One day a donkey and his owner were walking down the road and a traveler asked if the donkey was for hire. The owner agreed to have his donkey carry the traveler to the next village. That day it was very hot and about half way to the next village, they decided to stop and rest. The only shade they could find was under the donkey.

Both men tried to fit in the shade, but there was not enough room. The traveler said, I should sit in the shade because I hired the donkey to carry me to the next village.” The owner disagreed, saying that the donkey was only hired to carry him and that the shade belonged to the owner.

On and on they continued arguing about who the shade belonged to while the donkey wandered off. When the men finally stopped arguing, the donkey and his shade were gone.

The traveler demanded half of his money back and walked to the next village. The donkey’s owner spent hours looking for his missing donkey.

When we identify with our ethic, political or religious differences we are like the two men in the fable; we focus on the labels which divide us. The Buddha taught in the Mahaparinibbana Sutta that for the well being of a community these seven practices were necessary:

1. Gather together for discussion frequently.
2. Meet in harmony and unity, depart in harmony and unity, and work in harmony and
3. Respect and follow all laws or if a law is found to be incorrect, work to change it in
a lawful manner.
4. Respect and listen to worthy leaders, both religious and secular.
5. Refrain from committing or advocating violent crimes, rape, destroying other’s
property, or killing.
6. Respect, protect, and maintain the temples and shrines.
7. Preserve their personal mindfulness, so that in the future the good among the
people will come to them, and the good who have already gathered will feel at ease
with them.

While I am aware that these practices are much quoted, my question is:

“Are they truly practiced, or only given lip service?” A person would be wise, no matter what their ethnicity, political or religious affiliations to keep in mind that what is at stake. It is well known that Sri Lankan people are very gifted and talented. Highly intelligent, we can learn how to do just about anything we set our minds to. Unfortunately the ability to work together in a harmonious manner for the good of everyone is not a priority. We have not set our minds on this; we have not learned that we can respectfully disagree and compromise; we have not learned the value and benefit of cooperation. This lack of teamwork has cost us a great deal and we must change this if we are to survive both as a people and as a nation.

Do not waste your time and energy on needless disagreements that are unproductive. Let us be dedicated to developing ourselves for the benefit of our families, our communities and our country, Sri Lanka.

Put aside the past, because by dwelling on it, only brings more anger and unhappiness. The Buddha said holding on to anger was like swallowing a hot coal. And to dwell on past grievances is to be on a continuous diet of hot coals.

One can put out this fire of anger and hatred by focusing on present opportunities to be kind and compassionate, thereby drinking the milk of human kindness to quench the thirst for revenge.

“So cultivate calm patience, and grow wiser as you age. Never act, nor speak a word when overcome by rage. Remember without fail, that when your temper flies, you’ll never do a worthy thing, a decent deed, or wise.”

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