Stratton Township Park Case Study Solution

Selected client case studies

American Water Works Association (AWWA), Denver, CO

Challenge: Identify members’ information needs and format preferences and then refine and enhance the organization’s electronic/print mix of journals, e-newsletters, and Web site offerings.

Solution: Stratton Publishing & Marketing Inc. performed a Communications Needs Assessment of this 58,000-member organization of water industry professionals. The study included a review of AWWA Journal, as well as AWWA’s member magazines, e-newsletters, and Web site, and resulted in strategic recommendations for refinements to the communication and marketing program to better align with member preferences and needs.


American Institute of Architects (AIA), Washington, DC

Challenge: Ensure information and knowledge is aligned with members’ needs and improve member engagement.

Solution: Stratton Publishing & Marketing Inc. teamed with Bonner Consultants to conduct a comprehensive Communication Audit of the 77,000-member AIA. The study included member perception research and publication readership research, and in-depth review and assessment, which led to the development of a Strategic Communications Plan. The plan identified strategies to realign operations and communication efforts to better engage members and meet their information needs, including the repositioning and relaunch of AIA’s primary communication vehicle, AIArchitect e-newsletter.


Society for Technical Communication, Arlington, VA

Challenge: Measure effectiveness of member communications (magazine, journal, e-newsletters) and their value as membership benefits and then relaunch and realign communications to meet those needs.

Solution: STC engaged Stratton Publishing & Marketing Inc. to conduct a Strategic Publications Review and Assessment of magazine and journal operations, including editorial content and design, advertising sales operations, financial performance, reader engagement, and overall satisfaction. The study resulted in recommendations for major reorganization and refocusing of publications, as well as strategies to improve operations for Intercom magazine, Technical Communication journal, and several electronic newsletters.


ISA, Research Triangle Park, NC

Challenge: Reverse decline in the flagship publication’s market share for both readers and advertisers, produce publication more efficiently and effectively, and identify market opportunities.

Solution: Stratton Publishing & Marketing Inc. conducted a comprehensive Publication Audit of InTech magazine that included review of all operations, financial performance, editorial, advertising sales, circulation development, and design and production. Based on this audit, Stratton developed a comprehensive plan for complete relaunch and repositioning of ISA’s monthly technical engineering magazine, InTech, which has a BPA-audited circulation of 80,000 automation professionals. The extensive study included reader research, an advertiser perception study, market audit, and buying power research that identified the need for the relaunch and strategies to ensure success. Stratton directed the editorial, design, and market relaunch, and provided ongoing consultation and services throughout the project. Stratton continues to consult with ISA and InTech to ensure repositioning is on target and resonating with readers and advertisers.


American Planning Association, Chicago, IL

Challenge: Expand advertising revenues for Planning magazine and better leverage the association’s position in the market.

Solution: Stratton Publishing & Marketing conducted an Advertising Sales & Marketing Strategic Review. The study included an analysis of current sales operations and staffing; development of a competitive market study and analysis; advertiser and prospect perception research (qualitative phone survey); and strategic assessment of market potential for significantly expanded revenues. As a result of this comprehensive review, APA has undergone major realignments in advertising sales operations; refinements to the magazine content and graphic presentation; the addition of online advertising; revamping of the media kit and market position statements; new advertising sales representation; and a complete realignment of sales operations and marketing efforts.


Endocrine Society, Chevy Chase, MD

Challenge: Assess effectiveness of new magazine (converted from newsletter) and identify strategies to enhance reader satisfaction and expand advertising revenues.

Solution: Stratton conducted a Strategic Reader and Market Review of newly launched, Endocrine News magazine, which had been converted from a newsletter to a bimonthly magazine that circulated to 30,000 member and nonmember physicians and academics. Stratton conducted a review that included reader research, an editorial content analysis and graphic review, and a competitive market review and assessment of advertising potential. Based on the study, the magazine was redesigned and relaunched with refined editorial content to better target reader/member needs and repositioning for ad sales.

The Stratton Township Park The Stratton Township Park is located on a piece of property that contains two golf courses, a swimming pool, and 800 acres of woods and open spaces. Three years ago, the Stratton Parks Department (Stratton) carved out miles of trails to allow visitors to hike the property and enjoy nature. To make that experience more enjoyable for visitors and available to school groups, Stratton decided to offer guided tours that have proven popular. It has also found that the availability of the hiking trails has increased park visits. To operate the park, the pool, and the two golf courses, Stratton employs a full-time park manager with an $80,000 annual salary, an assistant manager who earns $45,000 per year, and a full-time maintenance staff who earn a total of $350,000 per year. The assistant manager spends 50 percent of her time managing the golf course, 15 percent on pool operations, 5 percent organizing concerts, and the remainder on general park operations. Benefits for these full-time employees add 35 percent to personnel costs. Total depreciation for the coming year will be $450,000. Of that amount, $25,000 is for the park’s central facility where the manager and assistant manager work. Central supply and central utility costs are expected to be $10,000. Utility and fuel costs for the trail and wilderness areas of the park are an additional $100,000 per year. Stratton expects 30,000 cars full of people to come to the park in the coming year. Stratton charges $8 for parking. Stratton plans to have the golf courses open seven days per week for twenty weeks each year. Out of the total 140 days in that time period, management expects to be able to allow play on 130 days during those weeks with golfers playing an estimated 15,600 rounds. The average expected green fee is $32.50 per round of golf. Golfers account for 11,200 of the cars that pay to park at Stratton. Management expects 40 percent of the golfers to hire a caddy at a fee of $12 per round. The course has a group of caddies available every day the courses are open and pays each of the ten caddies who work at the course $50 per day regardless of the number of rounds they work. Caddies are seasonal workers and do not receive benefits.

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