Textauszug Interpretation Beispiel Essay

If you are skilled at creative writing and prefer to take projects that involve creative writing, please make sure you know what is expected from personal interpretation of a specific fiction story/essay.

Your personal interpretation of a fiction story/essay should consist of traditional three parts: Introduction (Introductory Paragraph), Body, and Conclusion.

It is important to understand and keep in mind throughout the whole essay writing process that an interpretation does NOT judge the story, its author, or its characters based on personal ethics/morality. An interpretation focuses on the meaning of the story/essay and analyzes how that meaning is conveyed to the reader.

If, for example, you are to provide your interpretation of a fictional story that focuses on gender identity, you, as a writer, will be expected to present your own interpretation of gender (in this case, how you personally define masculinity/femininity) and you will expected to relate this definition of yours to how the story explores the gender issue. The purpose of your essay is therefore to offer your reader an insight into the characters and meaning (theme) of the story by relying on your own ideas as a lens through which to focus your analysis. Therefore, in the introductory paragraph you may even refer to existing societal, cultural, biological, religious, philosophical, or idealistic views of what it means to be a man or a woman and assert whether or not you find these notions relevant to a particular definition of masculinity or femininity.

In the body of your essay you will synthesize the discussion of your own definition with the one described in the story in a coherent and clear manner. It is important that you use specific criteria in evaluating the story, supporting them with appropriate details and at least three direct quotes from the story itself.

Find out now what customer is most likely to look for in Personal Interpretation Essay:

An interesting and informative title

An introductory paragraph that establishes the voice, clear focus, and a controlling idea (thesis) of your essay

Smooth organization (with a strong beginning, middle, and end), and lots of vivid details that support your analysis and make your paper come to life.

-Effective grammar and varied sentence structure

Specific examples from your experience to support your claim

Specific examples from the story itself to support your interpretation

At least three direct quotes from the story

A conclusion that reiterates the meaning of the story and explains how effectively the story conveys that meaning to you

Correct in-text citation and incorporation of quotes in the citation style required (usu. MLA)

(Recommendations are mostly based on the Blair Handbook, 5E by Toby Fulwiler and Alan R. Hayakawa)

Book Description:

A reader may be in" a text as a character is in a novel, but also as one is in a train of thought--both possessing and being possessed by it. This paradox suggests the ambiguities inherent in the concept of audience. In these original essays, a group of international scholars raises fundamental questions about the status--be it rhetorical, semiotic and structuralist, phenomenological, subjective and psychoanalytic, sociological and historical, or hermeneutic--of the audience in relation to a literary or artistic text.

Originally published in 1980.

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