Why I Want To Become A Phlebotomist Essay

5 Reasons to Consider a Career in Phlebotomy

February 13, 2014 Ian Morrow

Phlebotomy is an interesting and practical inroad for those who wish to enter the medical field. In charge of the intake of the general population’s blood, phlebotomists hold great responsibility in the health industry. To be a phlebotomist, it takes patience and people skills, as well as an attention to detail and the ability to work in a fast-paced environment. Why should you consider a career in Phlebotomy? Keep reading.

1. You’re a quick certificate away from your career.

Some programs in the medical field require years and years of study. The only educational background required to begin most phlebotomy tech programs is a high school diploma or GED. Most Phlebotomy Technician programs can be completed in a relatively short period of time. For example, at AIMS the Phlebotomy Tech certificate is designed to take one month to complete. Weekend classes are also available, but those would take about three months to complete. Upon successfully completing the program, graduates are then able to seek employment in the health care field.

2. It’s a door opener in the medical field.

A number of professionals in the heath industry have used experience as phlebotomy technicians to springboard their career further in the field. Since phlebotoy technicians can work in a variety of health care environments, they are exposed to many potential career options. For those looking to advance their careers, going back to school for additional certifications or even a college degree is not uncommon. Phlebotomy technicians can eventually go on to become medical assistants, surgical technologists, electroneurodiagnostic technologists, or a number of other exciting professions.

3. Phlebotomists do important work.

Blood is an important health resource for pretty obvious reasons. Transfusions alone save millions of lives per year; without the careful and precise work of phlebotomy technicians, patients’ lives would be put at risk. Health testing relies on blood samples, which phlebotomists take from patients’ veins. Blood banks are an important way for members of the community to contribute to everyone’s overall health, and their mobile vehicles are recognizable at colleges, high schools, churches, fairs, libraries, and at community events. Phlebotomists are important members of the community.

4. Get experience working with people.

Some medical tech jobs don’t offer a lot of interpersonal interaction, especially with patients. It’s especially important that Phlebotomists develop strong people skills. They’re asked to comfort adults, teens and children through the blood-drawing process. There are people of all ages who are afraid of needles. Their reaction to them varies, from general squeamishness to stronger anxiety-related reactions. In Phlebotomy, you’ll have the ability to work in a fast-paced environment with patients and experienced medical professionals alike.

5. The career outlook is good.

The allied health professions make up one of the fastest-growing job markets, even given the recent fluctuations in the US economy. Within allied health, more and more phlebotomist positions are created each year. By 2022, the industry is expected to grow at least 22%, with over 46,000 newly created jobs. And once you get some experience as a phlebotomist, you’ll have even more career options available to you in the health care field.

I often wonder how students think about choosing phlebotomist career. What are the considerations in their mind while considering the phlebotomy program. I asked those questions to our current phlebotomy students. The answers are quite surprising.

They actually think in terms of long-term goals! One student said “a field (phlebotomy) that will always be in demand”.  Another student put it nicely “The reason I chose phlebotomy was because it’s an interesting field to get into, no matter where you go in life someone is going to need their blood drawn  so there will always be jobs for you to fill”.

Portability of skills is another major consideration. “I like the idea that phlebotomy is something that is portable. It can go to any lab, be it a hospital, clinic, red cross anywhere and from State to State and city to city. The expectations and concepts remain the same”.

I believe the excitement and the opportunity to provide one-on-one services  draw students to this field. A student writes “I really like the fact that you get to work with people one-on-one.  .. we are actually holding the needle in our hands. I feel like that will be the most exciting thing, getting to actually work with a person and draw their blood. I never thought growing up that this is what I would be doing in life, but now that I am here (School) and working with these amazing people and learning so many interesting things about the body I know I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else”. Wow! That is something!


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