Bis 221 Week 5 Ethical Essay

Unformatted text preview: BIS 221 Week 5 DQ How has social media influenced the way we do business? Social media has allowed business to connect with their customers. They allow their customers to connect by means such as facebook where customer comments are made. This allows business to alter the way they are changing to reflect customer likes and dislikes. These sites are also allowing for digital coupons, online ordering food such as pizza hut. This is changing the way business is done because everything is done online. when you apply for a job the first thing the organization does is checks your social media sites. I believe social media can be both a good option and a bad option for business. The good options is that businesses can connect with their partners and customers easier allowing for better customer service. However, a drawback of social media takes the personalization away from business. We aren't interacting face to face which affects communication. This affects business because it is easy to be mean and rude behind the computer screen or telephone. When conducting business personally things change. We are watched and judged by our actions and words. The message conveyed in a personal setting can say something way different than portrayed electronically. You cant hide from who or what you really are. Differentiate between blogs and wikis? Are they useful? Blogs ate post about a topic and are usually opinions of the given topic. Blogs are unable to be changed or deleted by anyone other than the blog owner. Where as Wikis can be opinions, but are usually based on some facts. Wikis can be changed and changed again by the reader. Both instances can help one form their own opinions, or help one understand something they can not find an article with more known facts. Each term, I find more of my students using social networking sites, such as Facebook and LinkedIn. However, some may not understand all the implications of their use of these sites means for them and for the companies that use or monitor the sites. As part of this discussion, I would also like to cover some of the personal security issues the students should be aware of when using a social network site. What do you think they are? Privacy and security settings exist for a reason. They are there to help control who sees what. use them Remember once posted always posted. If you would not show your church leader, mother, wife/husband then don't post. Keep personal information personal! To much information can lead to hackers stealing identity, or even stalker finding you. Use the tool provided to you through social media website. not all friends are created equal. Separate in folders or groups you close childhood friends and the guy in the cubical next to you. be honest, if you are uncomfortable say you are and ask not to be part of that. Discuss the process of acquiring information systems and applications. There are many different options that a company can choose in acquiring information systems and applications. Some of the decisions include how much code a company wants to write on their own, the cost and how it will be purchased, what platform the application will run on (their own, a lease, ect.), and where will the application come from. Some of the purchasing options include acquiring the entire application or prewritten, customize a prewritten application or make one you purchase your own, lease an application or rent it, or use a software-as-a-service, which allows a company to have a vendor write and store the application to be accessed via the internet. I worked for a company one time that purchased a portion of an application and then tailored it to our needs by customizing it. The problem with this can and was that if the customization doesn't perfectly blend with pre existing platforms, then you can have an IT nightmare. This happened to us and for years we constantly had issues and system crashes. It wasn't until we purchased additional bundles of the application did we not have issues. Explain the benefits of emerging technologies in the professional environment - provide examples! As the "tipping point" technologies develop, they will be beneficial to organizations because they will be able to offer their customers the most up to date features in the technology world. Such as fine tuning some devices like voice or facial recognition. Once these concepts can be perfected, it will add security measures to employers and citizens. The text also mentions a "cashless" world. It says, "This will provide enterprises with efficiency and traceability, and consumers with convenience and security." (Gartner'S 2012 Hype Cycle For Emerging Technologies Identifies "tipping Point" Technologies That Will Unlock Long-Awaited Technology Scenarios; 2012 Hype Cycle Special Report Evaluates The Maturity Of More Than 1,900 Technologies, 2012). I believe this borderlines the element of privacy. Every step and transaction will be traced. This makes me think of the movie "In Time", where your life depended on your wealth, every transaction was electronic (using the chip embedded in your arm), and every move was traced. While technology grows, will privacy and human rights dwindle? Reference: Gartner's 2012 Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies Identifies "Tipping Point" Technologies That Will Unlock Long-Awaited Technology Scenarios; 2012 Hype Cycle Special Report Evaluates the Maturity of More Than 1,900 Technologies. (2012). Retrieved from ...
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2Computer Hardware and Software and How They Work TogetherAn operating system (OS) is software that controls a computer. It manages hardware,runs applications, provides an interface for users, and stores, retrieves, and manipulates files. Ingeneral, an operating system acts as the middleman between applications and hardware. Severalapplications might be installed on a computer to meet various user needs, but it only needs oneoperating system. The most popular operating systems for personal computers today areMicrosoft Windows 10 and Mac OS.An operating system is responsible for communicating withhardware, but the OS does not relate directly to the hardware. Rather, the OS uses device driversto interface with hardware.Device drivers are software designed to interface with specific hardware devices. They are stored on the hard drive and installed when the OS is first installed or when new hardware is added to a system. The OS provides some device drivers, and the manufacturer of the specific

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