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Music Teacher Sample Resume

This music teacher sample resume shows how to avoid repetition if you've held the same job at more than one company.

When you've done basically the same job for two or more employers, it can become difficult to describe your work experience without repeating yourself. A combination resume structured, like the one shown below, with your work experience described in the summary of skills section, followed by a section with your job title, company, and employment dates, can help you avoid that repetition.

One thing to be aware of if you describe your work experience in the skills summary section instead of the work experience section:

Occasionally employers may wonder about when you achieved the accomplishments you list on the resume (was it during the most recent job, or was it further in the past?). If you are concerned about ensuring the employer knows an accomplishment was recent, you may add the date to the point.


Instead of writing:

Developed and implemented successful marketing strategies which increased student registration by 15%

You could write:

In 2013, developed and implemented successful marketing strategies which increased student registration by 15%

Of course, you can't include the date on every point. It wouldn't read well. But you can include it on two or three of the most crucial, impressive and recent accomplishments you include on your resume.

Music Teacher Sample Resume

Stephen Musician
295 Fake Street, City, State 555 555-5555

PROFILE     Music teacher with 9 years of experience teaching group and private piano, flute and clarinet lessons and 6 years of experience managing busy private music academies. Well organized and able to develop positive relationships with parents, students and teachers to ensure success of students and school.


    Developed lesson plans for and taught private and group piano, flute, clarinet and early childhood music for approximately 60 students annually Prepared students for participation in recitals, competitions and examinations; 80% of students completing examinations earned first class honors Collaborate with students and parents to set long and short-term goals and plans including participation in recitals, competitions and examinations Created, implemented and evaluated multifaceted lesson plans to accommodate multiple learning styles in a group setting Fostered a respectful learning environment and developed positive partnerships with parents and students to ensure student success


    Managed professional music studio with 20 to 25 teachers and over 800 students Developed and implemented successful marketing strategies which increased student registration by 15% Developed and implemented successful summer music programs which increased summer enrolment by 20% Scheduled classes, organized quarterly student recitals and oversaw applications to examinations Trained and supervised instructors and provided support with instructional challenges Established parent and tots music program, and built relationship with local schools to teach group piano lessons in schools; both programs extended available teaching hours and increased enrollment by 10%


Studio Director and Music Teacher
Anytown Academy of Music, City, State
Studio Director and Music Teacher
Faketown School of Music, City, State
Music Teacher
Anywhere Music Academy, City, State


Bachelor of Music Degree, Anywhere University, City, State 2007


Music Play Group Leader, Anywhere Children's Center, City, State 2005-2007
    Initiated, developed and team-taught activities to build social skills, impulse control and self-esteem using music therapy concepts and strategies

Here is the same music teacher sample resume with notes added to show why certain formatting decisions were made.

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Private Music Teacher Resume Samples

Private Music Teachers instruct students of all ages and teach them how to sing or play an instrument. Based on our most successful resume samples, these professionals have responsibilities such as preparing learning materials, adapting resources to student needs, teaching music theory and practical techniques, assigning homework and assessing student progress. Qualifications such as musical talent, patience, instruction skills, and communication are often seen on Private Music Teacher resumes. A Bachelor's Degree in music and teaching experience are often required.

Looking for job listings? Check out our Private Music Teacher Jobs page.


Private Music Teacher

Provided private professional piano and guitar lessons to over 60 students per week

  • Worked with students ranging in ages between 2-70 to further develop an understanding and appreciation for music
  • Enhanced students' understanding of music theory through professional resources
  • Collaborated with colleagues to develop an in-house methodology and relevant coursework for students
  • Facilitated large-scale music rehearsals and recitals in highly organized team setting
  • Motivated and encouraged students through positive reinforcement techniques
  • Was the "go-to" teacher for all jazz and jazz theory related questions
  • Developed a jazz methodology and program for widespread use by the entire company

Private Music Teacher

  • Taught students ages 13 and up
  • Prepared individual lesson plans for each student and group according to their ability
  • Created a comfortable learning environment to maximize learning capability
  • Sought out and provided external sources to supplement teaching supplies and materials
  • Prepared and assigned homework appropriate to work completed per lesson
  • Prepared and delivered assessments to ensure students made progress

Private Music Teacher

Taught over fifteen private music students ranging in age from five to eighteen years old

  • Met with individual students on a weekly basis for 30 or 60 minute lessons
  • Developed a fun, relaxed, and creative learning environment and tailored lessons to each student's learning ability and individual interests, allowing each student to grow towards his or her full potential
  • Developed and maintained relationships with parents of students to discuss progress and practice habits
  • Planned and prepared lessons for each student and developed teaching material

Private Music Teacher

Guided difficult students with low motivation accomplishing very positive results teaching delayed gratification and the joy of learning

  • Taught students new skills, demonstrating how to use a metronome and how to practice effectively resulting in improved organizational skills
  • Instructed students with learning disabilities increasing their self-confidence and a feeling of accomplishment
  • Gave master classes on the clarinet to junior high and high school students generating interest in students taking clarinet lessons

Private Music Teacher

Private Guitar Instructor

  • Worked one-on-one with clients
  • Instructed clients in proper technique and theory
  • Advised clients in developing effective practice routines and schedules

Private Music Teacher

  • Taught music theory, classical technique, developed exercises for ear training practice.
  • Planned lessons and music theory work.
  • Translated for Hispanic students.

Private Music Teacher

  • Provide individualized music instruction for child, teen, adult students
  • Acquired people skills
  • Recorded produced album (Aug. 2008)
  • Co-wrote published theme song for Youth Encounter ('02-03)
  • Participated in numerous songwriting contests, critiques, workshops & showcases extending from college to Nashville level ('05-09)
  • Mentored by professional Nashville songwriter Kate York (spring '09)

Private Music Teacher

Instructing students (of all ages) about the basics in music and guitar playing

  • Designed my own curriculum in which the lessons are entertaining yet informative.
  • Ability to understand the needs, short and long term goals of different students and changing methods of teaching accordingly.
  • Designed my own curriculum in which the lessons are entertaining yet informative.

Private Music Teacher

  • Teach flute and piano to beginner and intermediate students
  • Developed and maintained clientele in Texas, Wyoming, Idaho, Virginia and Germany
  • Teach music basics, hold regular student recitals

Private Music Teacher

  • individual lessons with students grades 2-6, monitoring practice and skill progression
  • developed own schedule by inquiring regarding needs of students and parents in music classes at local public elementary and junior high schools
  • followed up via phone and email and maintained contact throughout time with student(s)


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